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Miss Girvan - Reception Lead

Mr George - Reception Teacher

Miss Donnelly - Reception Teacher

Reception Support Team:

Miss Connolly, Miss Woodier, Mrs Angus, Miss Waine and Miss Smith

Hello and Welcome to Reception.

The children have settled in well this first half term and have enjoyed exploring our indoor and outdoor learning environments. The
children have particularly enjoyed exploring the different challenges that we have each day in our classrooms and making lots of new friends.

 Our topic this half-term is ‘Why do squirrels hide their nuts?' Through this topic, we will be learning about the seasons with a focus on Autumn. We will be developing the children's awareness of seasonal changes through a range of activities both within the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

 What are we focusing on this term?

· Developing our communication skills and exploration skills by exploring the school grounds, collecting and identifying signs of Autumn. 

· Developing our fine motor skills to help us to hold our pencil which will support us when we are practising letter

· Developing our vocabulary to learn new words. We will encourage the children to speak in full sentences when communicating
with our friends and teachers. We will be expanding our vocabulary by focusing on words that describe Autumn.  

. Developing our love for reading and enjoying books. We will be using a range of different books to expand our knowledge around both fiction and non-fiction books. Alongside independently reading in our reading area, reading at home and sharing a book with our friends in school. 

In Literacy we will be doing lots of speaking and listening activities to develop our vocabulary. We will be practising to write our name and to form other letters through taught sessions. Every child will take part in daily phonics sessions where they will begin to link sounds to letters and develop basic reading and spelling skills. To help your child at home, you could practise writing their name and the letters of the alphabet every day. Make this fun by using chalks outside, using a stick to write in mud or writing in the steam on your bathroom mirror. We will be exploring a range of books to support our learning in literacy such as, Room on the Broom, Squirrel’s Autumn Search, The Gruffalo and The Jolly Christmas Postman. 

 In Numeracy we will be learning to consolidate recognising numerals and matching these with the right amount. They will learn to order and compare amounts of objects and use the language of “more” and “less”. The children learn in a very practical way so you will see hands on activities where the children learn in an everyday contexts. We will also be using everyday language to do with money during role play and continuing to explore 2D shapes in the environment including the size and shape of autumn and



- Please bring your child’s reading book bag to school every day. Books will be changed once a week. Thank you for reading with your child every day and for writing a comment in your child's reading record so that we know how they have been getting on at home.

- Parents are welcome to come into the classroom to read with children every Friday morning (8:45-9:10). This will also be an opportunity for you to look through and add to the children's learning journey folders.

- Please ensure your child's name in written on all of their clothing, packed lunches and bags.

- Outdoor learning is very important to us here at Abbey Hey and we like to take our learning outside whether it is sunny, rainy or snowy! Please remember to send your child into school with a waterproof coat whatever the weather! Wellies can be kept on
our welly rack in the cloakroom.

- Please remember we are a healthy school so all packed lunches that are brought to school should be balanced and healthy. i.e. no fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets.
Also please remember some children may have nut allergies so please do not put nuts in your child's packed lunch.  

PE    -  Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit which includes a plain white t-shirt and a pair of black or navy shorts. As usual, please don’t forget to write your child’s name in everything.

As always, if you have any questions, please pop in to speak to your child's teacher at the end of the day. 

Thank you for your continued support.

The Reception Team.


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