Staff in Year 1

1N: Miss Newton

1S: Mrs Smith

1W: Miss Whitty

Teaching Assistants: Miss Ahmed, Mrs Conlen, Miss Farrell and Miss Girvan, 

Hello and welcome to Year 1

Our Autumn 2 topic in Year 1 is 'Bright Lights, Big City'.  

What do you know about the United Kingdom? What do you know about England’s capital city? Together let’s find out about the island we live on and our capital city London. We will start our journey by exploring and identifying the diverse and fascinating countries that make up the UK, before we head down south to examine the wonders of London. Later we will step back in time and discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start? How did it end? To understand this time we will put on our creative and scientific hats to make our own models of the bakery on Pudding Lane… then burn it to the ground to recreate the Great Fire. Stand well back and watch how the flames spread. London’s burning! Fire, fire! Fire, fire!

In Science we will be using observations, questioning and simple tests, children will explore the properties of everyday materials and their scientific skills to compare, group and describe them. We will then develop this knowledge by building and testing  bridges and houses made out of various resources.

In History  and Geography we will be looking at the United Kingdom and capital cities. Our focus will be London and all that is British.  We will also be travelling back in time to 1666  to learn about the Great Fire of London.

In Art and DT children will continue to develop their drawing and painting  skills with a particular focus on the use of colour and collage. This term the children explore this by examining the work of Lowry and Matisse. Children will apply their knowledge by making large models of famous London landmarks. In DT the children will apply their scientific knowledge of materials to plan, design and create bridges, as well as making their own version of Pudding Lane.

In Music children will learn a variety of different traditional songs linked to their history topic. Children will learn about tempo and dynamics and explore how these can be used to alter and recreate known songs.

In RE this term we will be learning about Sikhism and Christianity. The children will learn about the life of Guru Nanak and how his teachings are celebrated by Sikhs and Muslims. In Christianity, the children will be taught about the  Bible, Christmas story as well as stories of Jesus. 

During English lessons children will be working collaboratively with talk partners to discuss ideas and share their learning experiences. Children are encouraged to ask and answer relevant questions to help extended their understanding and vocabulary knowledge.

In reading this term we are going to be focusing on two texts based on the theme ‘London ’ which include ‘Katie in London’ and ‘The Queen’s hat’. We will also be using nonfiction texts to support our learning in geography and history and will be sharing a variety of daily class reads. 

In writing this term the children will be focusing on forming simple sentences. This will be done through exploring a variety of writing genres such as; letter writing, narrative writing and poems. both independently and within adult directed work. In this term we will be focusing on punctuation including; capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and question marks. We will also continue to make sure our handwriting is neat and legible.

In Maths this term we will focus on two key areas:

· Addition and Subtraction

 This term we will be reading, writing and solving mathematical problems using (+) (-) and (=) signs. We will also be ensuring that we know all of our number facts to 10 and being able to add and subtract one digit and two digit numbers to 10, including zero.  The children will also be learning how to solve simple one-step addition and subtraction problems. The children will also learn how to use part-whole diagrams, number lines and multi-link cubes to add and subtract.

We encourage parents to read a variety of texts with their child every day so as to build upon the reading strategies they practice in school, enrich their vocabulary and encourage their enjoyment of reading. Your child will have their reading book changed once a week, however they need to bring their book bag in everyday.

To find out  more about the National Curriculum in Year 1, you can download the Parents' Guide by clicking the image below.

The children will be taking part in indoor and/or outdoor PE sessions every week and therefore all children must have a full PE Kit in school all week. 

This includes - Plain White T-Shirt, Black Shorts, Trainers/ Pumps and don't forget socks if your child wears tights for school. Long hair must be tied up and no earrings are to be worn.

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Please don't hesitate to make an appointment with your child's teacher if you wish to discuss anything further.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Year 1 Team

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