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Year 4

Learning in Year 4 - Summer 2

Grab your wetsuit! We’re going into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures.


Head to your local aquarium and learn about life in the ocean. Can you pick a favourite fish, plant or animal?


What do real divers get up to below the surface? Create a fishy diary about exploring an amazing underwater world.


Time to go a little deeper into our seas. Make a seascape and imaginatively travel to the deepest, darkest places on Earth.


What are those bright lights in the distance? It’s a group of bio luminescent sea creature! 


Flippers on? Snorkel ready?  Let’s head into the Blue Abyss…



Learning in English


Our stimulus this half term will be ’Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. During this time, children will be writing a diary about their own underwater adventure. Children will also be producing an explanation text about pirates.  They will organise their writing into paragraphs and extend their sentences using clauses and conjunctions.  There will be a focus on apostrophes and handwriting this half term. Children will also continue to edit and improve their own and others’ work.



In Guided Reading, we will be exploring a range of non-fiction texts including fact files and explanation texts. Children will be identifying themes and conventions in a wide range of books and exploring ways in which texts are set out. We will also be explaining and justifying personal opinion, as well as applying a growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes.

Learning in Maths


We will be continuing with our Maths streaming across Year 4. Children will be learning about statistics where they will interpret and present data using appropriate charts and graphs. We will also explore area and perimeter, measuring these for different rectilinear shapes.

Learning in History and Geography

In Geography, children will be using websites and information books to find out features of the different seas and oceans, recording their findings in a table. They will observe any patterns in characteristics according to where the seas and oceans are situated. We will watch live webcams to explore the waters of oceans, reefs and seas. Children will research information about each sea or ocean: depth, area covered, bordering continents, hemisphere, special features and climate, e.g. a coral reef, an underwater volcano or a habitat suited to a unique species of animal.  We will locate the Great Barrier Reef, the grandest natural wonder in the world, on the globe using maps and satellite images and make a sketch map of it, identifying significant land features. This reef is the only natural thing visible from space and is one of the richest areas of diversity on Earth. 


 Learning in Science

Children will develop their own classification keys and group living things using their keys. We will construct a variety of food chains and explain what would happen if one of the parts of the chain became “unavailable”. We will research the food chain of a sea creature and present our findings. We will also be learning about teeth and the digestive system in humans and other animals.


Learning  across the wider Curriculum

Art: Children will be producing seascapes. We will look at a range of seascape paintings and drawings, talking about the different ways in which artists represent the sea. We will identify the materials used and consider how the artist creates the seas mood, movement and depth. We will experiment in a sketch book with techniques seen in artworks and then work on a larger scale to create our own seascape.

RE: We will be exploring the Islamic faith, focusing on festivals and celebrations. Children will be learning about Ramadan and Eid and finding out how these are observed.

PE: Children will be participating in swimming lessons where they will use a range of strokes effectively. They will also be taking part in athletics in order to prepare for Sports Day. 

MFL: Children will listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding.

Music:  Children will develop an understanding of the history of music related to the sea.

ICT: Children will use research to deepen their knowledge of pirates and the seas. 

PSHE: Children will be taught to face new changes positively and to discuss common human responses to change.






Trips and Experiences


Children will be going on an exciting trip to the Sealife Centre in Trafford Park. We will be given a guided tour of the aquarium as well as taking part in a workshop about sharks and foodchains.


How Can You Help?


· Read every night.

· Practise high frequency words and spelling lists for Year 4.

· Practise times tables up to 12x12.

· Remind your children to bring in their full PE and swimming kits on the correct days .


Extra information


PE slots

4B -  Indoor PE Thursday (swimming)

        Outdoor PE Monday

4T -  Swimming- Thursday


4K -  Swimming- Thursday



Spellings to be sent out every Friday.


Project homework.


Choose two of the following project ideas.  One must be submitted on Friday 16th June. The second must be submitted on Friday 7th July.


· How many amazing shark facts can you find? Either build them into a PowerPoint presentation to show the rest of the class or create a fact file.

· Write a “true or false” quiz with fascinating facts about creatures and plants under the sea.

· Create a picture dictionary of plants and creatures of the ocean.

· Learn The Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine” and write a new verse of your own.

· Research how to scuba dive and write a set of instructions for a new diver.

· Write a poem about the creatures living in the blue abyss. It might be an acrostic, shape, haiku or free verse poem.

· Draw the view of the ocean you might see if looking through the windows of a submarine.


Should you wish to ask any further questions about your child’s learning or any of the above please don’t hesitate to come and chat to us. We would like to thank you for your continued support. 

Year 4 team


Staff in Year 4

4T: Miss Toner

4K: Miss Kosari

4B: Miss Bridgeman

Teaching assistants: Mrs Raynes, Mrs Thompson and Miss Carroll 

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