Staff in Year 5

5S: Mrs Sarwar

5F: Miss Fowler

5K: Miss Kellett

Teaching Assistants: Mr Proctor, Miss Carroll and Mrs Wood


Year 5!

Welcome back after the half term!

We will begin this half term with a short topic called Fallen Fields. This topic links in with Remembrance Day, and we will learn about the history and significance of WW1, how people lived during the war and all about those brave soldiers that fought during the war. We will deconstruct and write our own poems linking in with the theme of Fallen Fields. 

After this, we will move onto our main topic 'Off with her head' which is all about the Tudors! We will explore how the poorest of people lived in Britain during the Tudor period to what life was like for the richest kings and queens. We will explore crime and punishment and partake in debates, putting forward arguments for and against punishing particular crimes and the extremity of punishments that should have been in place. We will compare Tudor England to Modern Day England, and we will look at the Tudor family tree. 

In English, we will be producing entertaining poems relating to the plague, including a variety of language features such as similes, personification, rhyming, and relative pronouns. We will also use our class text, Treason by Berlie Doherty, to write letters to Henry VIII persuading him to hire Margery (the main character's sister) as a companion for his daughters, so she can be close to Will who is a page boy for his son. 

In Maths, we will continue to work on our addition and subtraction skills using formal written methods and mental strategies. We will then move on to Statistics where we will explore different kinds of graphs and tables such as line graphs, two way tables and timetables.  We will then learn to solve problems which require us to be able to read and interpret information presented in these graphs and tables. Our next unit will be multiplication and division where we will learn to use the long multiplication and division method, identify multiples, factor pairs and prime numbers and solve problems using our knowledge of multiplication and division facts. 

Our Science topic this half term will be Materials and their Properties. We will learn to group materials based on their properties and conduct experiments to observe how materials can change.  

Spellings will continue to be given out every Friday. Children will receive spellings from the National Curriculum and spellings that are based on a rule. A selection of these spellings will be tested at the end of every half term. 

To find out more about what your child will learn over the coming year and how to support them, please click the image below to download our Parents' Guide.

Homework is project-based. Please check the curriculum overview for details for tasks and due dates.

Children need to have their PE kit in school every Tuesday (5S and 5F) and every Thursday (5K).   

Can we please remind everyone of the need for correct uniform to be worn - especially black shoes!  Please check the school's uniform policy or speak to a member of staff if you are unsure.

 Every child has been given a reading book and book bag.  Please can you ensure that this is brought to school every day.

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